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Crafting moments that matter, one meeting at a time.

A new approach for connecting in person.

An upgrade for the new era.


Blend of functionality and style to supercharge your networking and give you unparalleled insights into your connections. They open the door to endless meaningful meetings.

smart jewelry


Imagine walking into a room knowing exactly who you should talk to. The app is designed as a companion to jewelry and accessories that is informed by insights to help you deepen relationships and enrich the tapestry of your network.


At the heart of every memorable event are the quality connections we make. We specialize in eleveting them and add a touch of elegance by integrating your branding while guests walk away with a keepsake that continues to give.

Conneting the world. For real. 

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Mētan smart jewelry and accessories are the fastest, most data enriched way to connect. They are designed to make every new meeting feel like magic and turn encounters at social events or conferences into enriching business and personal partnerships. 

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